There are lots of factors and attributes that go into making a top biller in recruitment and in my humble opinion after 24 years of recruiting and working with many of them, these are some of the core qualities that all seem to possess.

    • Above everything else a drive, desire, and motivation to be the best. The trigger point for that motivation could be many things and is not important, but that base level of motivation needs to there or be built in time
    • Never give up and supremely resilient attitude and always believe they will win out and be successful in the end. They are tough individuals.
    • Grit and fight, they find a way to win
    • They work one hour and one day at a time and understand that recruitment success always comes down to fighting for the inches within each deal every day.
    • They are driven to deliver to their customers and feel a keen sense of responsibility to do that all the time.
    • High sense of urgency, you will not have to remind them to chase a lead or a candidate referral
    • They embrace every core aspect of the job and don’t hide from the ones they don’t like.

    Being a good listener, commercial, smart, bilingual and a good rapport builder are good to have but are essentially additives. The core qualities listed above are most important, the bedrock upon which skills and experience can be built and nourished.

    So, in the end it’s all down to the mental aspects of a person’s character that will determine whether a person can develop into a top biller or not.