Tokyo Recruiters – The Time is now


    Tokyo Recruiters – The time is NOW

    Remember it always feels like you should never move when you are making money and the market is good. I understand that and the market in Tokyo is excellent right now.

    Yet when the market is good, that’s when recruitment agencies are also doing well and are active. They are investing, growing, and hiring!¬†They hire fast and they hire big so they can also take advantage of the conditions prepare for the future.

    But when the market swings as it inevitably does then they tighten the purse strings and become more selective with their hiring and investments.

    So, if you are happy with everything at your current company, career progression, culture, rewards and benefits, commission schemes, your desk, market, and customer base then you should stay, no doubt about it.

    However, if you’re billing well now but there are other factors that you are not happy with then you should look to initiate a move now, while you are doing well, while the market is up, and while agencies are investing and hiring.

    Now is the time to get the best opportunities, the best roles, the best career advancement, the best compensation schemes, and the best companies.

    In recruitment we need to move whilst we are shining the brightest!