My view is that in Japan the economic and cultural impact of the pandemic will and is driving some sizeable shifts in digital, automation and data analytics strategies for organizations across a broad range of sectors. This shift will be forced on some companies who have been resistant or slow to adapt as well as speeding up the rate of change.

    Companies will have to ask themselves first what are the problems now and in the next 5 years that they need to find solutions for and then do they have right people in place to identify the problems and then develop successful solutions. This could mean people changes and movements at executive leaderships levels as companies try to get the right people in place quickly.

    There is a significant difference in the skills and attributes of leaders who can “run an organization” and those who can “transform and change an organization” and I believe the latter will become more in demand as we move through the next 6-24 months.

    Many companies thought that the pandemic and its impacts might be difficult but temporary and perhaps tried to hedge their bets and stall in change.  However now we are seeing that this situation is not going away anytime soon and if anything, the challenges, and urgency for organizations to change and adapt are increasing.