Never Weaponize an Interview

    In this market where finding and hiring an experienced recruiter is becoming increasingly difficult its important to get the right balance during interviews and never ever make the process a weapon!

    Each interview needs to be approached with an open-mind and with the intentional removal of any unconscious bias and cynicism that might be present.

    Get the balance right between trying to determine the skills and experience of the candidate and presenting yourself, your company brand and the opportunity in a positive way.

    Don’t let the ego get involved, ego has no place in an interview process.

    Recruiters are naturally suspicious, but that must never come across in any interview.

    1st meeting is mainly about the interviewer selling themselves, their company and brand to the candidate, not digging into every detail at this point.

    Setting expectations has to be done softly and smartly and definitely has no place in an offer meeting.

    Presentation of an offer is the key to the whole process, recruiters need to be trained on how to do this for internal hires. Leaders should not trust that this can happen naturally.

    It’s very easy to lose a good candidate at any stage of the interview process and then the knock on opportunity cost of not hiring that person can be huge.

    Equally importantly the market brand of any company is at risk if someone walks away from the interview process with a negative impression. Each interview regardless of the outcome is an opportunity to positively position your brand on the market.

    Internal interviewing within agencies is a skill that is not focused on and trained enough, that I believe needs to be addressed given the market we find ourselves in.

    Happy recruiting!