Candidate Advice For the Recruitment-to-Recruitment Market

    For an industry that prides itself on networking, relationship building and offering opportunity, the recruiter candidate market in Japan is surprisingly gun shy and nervous when it comes to exploring other companies and new options in the recruitment market.

    Many candidates are not open to even having an initial exploratory conversation to find out about what could be out there for them.

    I have a few theories as to why that is which I will explore in another article.

    For now, though let’s look at why it’s a good reason to have a conversation with a recruiter about other opportunities.

    Firstly, it’s important to understand what is happening in the market, it’s always a good thing to know and understand what your competition is doing and how they structure and plan their businesses for success!

    Next, it’s important to get an objective view of your skills, aptitude, experience, and its market value, you can only get that from an experienced Rec2Rec recruiter.

    Finally, we need to consider what is really happening in our current company and what could happen in the future.  Many recruiters feel stable and comfortable, but are they really reading the winds of change and know what is coming over the horizon

    Changes of leadership, takeovers, buyouts, directional changes, comp scheme adjustments all can happen very quickly, and the landscape suddenly looks a lot different and not always as stable and comfortable as we expected.

    As recruiters we always know the worst time to look for another position is when you forced into it, it always compromises the process somewhat.  I would say that it’s better to choose, negotiate and move from a position of real strength than to be forced into it later.

    I am not espousing that we should keep moving all the time, but I am suggesting that we should always keep our options open.

    Remember we work in an industry which is based on networking, building relationships, and keeping an open mind, now we need to apply that to our own careers and ambitions.