People who I have worked with closely over the years should remember this. I always explained that the secret to being successful in recruitment is all about momentum.

    I have a huge boulder in front of me and that boulder represents my placements and to get it moving I need build my activity and pipeline levels

    At the beginning I have no clients, candidates, customers, or market to speak of, so the boulder is static.

    My first and only goal needs to be to get that boulder moving, buts its difficult at first as I push, it’s so heavy and the weight is against me.

    So, I start to speak to some clients, get terms signed and register some new jobs.  Then I call and pitch a few new candidates but still the boulder is not moving. Slowly, I start to get some interviews but still there is no movement of the boulder.  Then finally I introduce one good matching candidate and I make my first placement and the boulder makes one full rotation and then grinds to a halt.  This happens because I don’t have enough of a pipeline of candidates, clients, jobs and send outs to keep it moving.

    But slowly over time referrals start to come in and I continue to build my candidates and clients and increase my interview numbers then my placements start to become more frequent. The boulder now is starting to move on its own now but still needs a strong daily push from me to keep it moving, but it takes less sustained effort.

    That daily push is defined by my outbound sales efforts; my business development and candidate calls, my new client, candidate, and job origination activities and my candidate send outs. Those outbound sales activities and effort from me every day is what keeps my “placement” boulder moving.

    Then out of nowhere the boulder stops moving again, I have lots of offers, am busy closing deals, I have a couple of good clients and have made lots of placements so why has the boulder stopped?  It stopped because I no longer gave it a daily push. Maybe I was tired, or basking in my successes, or distracted by something!  It doesn’t really matter why….the end result is same, the boulder has come to a stop, and I have lost my hard-won momentum and must start again to get it moving and it much harder work again now that its stopped.

    The secret is to learn how to keep that boulder always moving and at a decent pace and never let it come to a stop!

    Thats the key to consistent success.