Market Conditions


    The Japan international bilingual recruiting market is very busy, I have never seen anything like it.  Some of the big players in the market have hit multiple and back-to-back all-time record revenue months recently and are having fantastic years after a difficult 2020. This has been quite a bounce back from 2020 and that is driving a high volume of hiring by agencies as they struggle to meet the demands of their clients and prepare for future market conditions.

    Conversely the domestic recruitment agencies that I have spoken too have not seen the same uptick in hiring and business from the domestic recruitment market which has continued to be affected by the pandemic and remains subdued.  This market resurgence seems to be clearly focused on the international bilingual market and seems like it is here to stay for the short to mid-term.

    The switched-on strategic agencies are growing existing teams, re-focusing, starting new industries, upgrading their management layer, rethinking their approach, and hiring the best talent and hiring now.  The market is growing once again, big players from the US and Europe are eyeing the Japan market once more and it looks like we are approaching a time of real change in the bilingual recruiting space.

    This is not the time to think you are doing well, because while you are patting yourself on back others are pulling a long way ahead.

    Interesting and exciting times!