Moving agencies is very difficult for recruiters, they are usually really busy and have no time to prepare and understand fully the market opportunities that lie ahead of them.

    One of the best things to do of course is to engage a local recrec who understands the market well.

    There are some things though that a recruiter needs to do, think about and answer before they start their job search?

    • Evaluate objectively your overall current company/situation.
      What the future career opportunities, earning potential and culture will be at your current company
    • Understand the type of working recruitment environment and culture you would thrive in (big, small, modern, traditional, team based, individual etc…)
    • Be able to clearly articulate to yourself what skills and experience you want to develop next and why
    • Which market do you cover now and is that the market you want to continue in or do you want or need to change to a new desk focus
    • What do you want to earn over the next 3 years and what is your current average annual revenue generation
    • What commission scheme and revenue numbers do you need in order to hit your projected target earnings
    • Will a new company and environment be able to provide the platform for you to increase your earning potential and further develop your career in the direction you want

    A lot of the time in my experience recruiters either move on an emotional whim or stay stuck in one place paralyzed.

    It’s important to take some time, take a step back and ask yourself questions and answer them objectively and honestly.

    The answers you get will give you the confidence in your decision to either move or stay and will make the next step easy.

    Then follow through on your decision and don’t be swayed by other people opinions.

    It’s your career and life!