Data Science/Data Hiring Considerations

    Within the data science market in Japan, the retention rates and successful hiring levels of data scientists in companies seems to be directly related to the data maturity of an organization.Companies sometimes locate and isolate their Data Science teams within the “IT” department and give limited access to the business functions and the business functions do not yet understand or are interested in the value of data and have even less interest in changing their long-held beliefs. This type of structure and approach will mean the company facing a real struggle to both retain and attract talent into their Data and Data Science teams.

    When a company has or is serious about developing their data maturity, then the Data Science/Data teams works very closely or within the business functions from either a centralized or decentralized team approach. The business leaders and business functions will already understand the value of the Data insights and have a passion and open-minded interest to work with the Data teams to improve and challenge their existing strategies, ideas, and business beliefs.

    With the market so tight for talented data candidates, companies should carefully consider their plans and prepare the environment and business to ensure the smooth hiring, retention and development of their data teams.