I thought it would be helpful to share some information about the main commission system types that exist in the Japan recruitment market.

    Third system is:

    Personal Threshold Based Commission System

    A personal commission very similar to a draw system and applies a revenue threshold from which %’s are applied on any revenue generated above that amount either at a fixed level or on increasing levels and bands depending on the amount of revenue made.



    • Simple and easy to calculate
    • You are paid what you earn
    • Does not look like a draw system so increases engagement and motivation
    • Drives individual performance
    • If the percentages are high enough then it can be very lucrative


    • Commission thresholds can sometimes be higher than your personal monthly cost(draw)
    • Commission thresholds can increase due to promotion or company decisions impacting your take home commission amounts
    • Commission % band levels above the threshold can sometimes be much lower than standard personal draw system %’s
    • Is sometimes just a draw(cost) system in disguise but with much lower commission %’s