Characteristics of a Contract Recruiter In Japan

    The Japan bilingual recruitment market has for many years been seen as almost exclusively a permanent market for recruiters.  There has however for a long time been a hardy band of brothers leading the charge day after day into the complicated and highly competitive contract and temp markets and now their value and experience is soaring as the pandemic forced many agencies to realize that running a business on perm revenue only was risky and limited growth and expansion.

    Japan is a unique contract recruitment market so let’s look at what is takes to be successful in the contract world here in Japan

    1. Tough
    2. Fearless
    3. Relentless
    4. Very fast
    5. Strong sense of urgency
    6. Creative thinker
    7. Problem solver
    8. Solution focused
    9. Excellent legal and legislative understanding
    10. Detailed
    11. Strong Rapport Building skills
    12. Relationship Builder
    13. Information Gatherer
    14. Efficient
    15. Good listener
    16. Quick to understand a client needs
    17. Very resilient
    18. Strategic
    19. Expert business development and account management skills
    20. Deliver what they say they will and on time
    21. Good multitasking skills
    22. Persistent
    23. Very strong candidate attraction strategies
    24. Stamina!
    25. Never give up attitude
    26. Long term big picture view
    27. Mentally strong

    I could go on, but if you find someone with 70% of the above then you should hire, then you should do everything to support them, compensate them and grow and nurture them and then your absolute best to keep them.

    Contract Recruitment in Japan – “The only easy day was yesterday”