Closing candidates at offer stage is a nerve-racking experience for most junior recruiters, but it needn’t be.

    I had many experiences when I first started recruiting where I was afraid to ask my candidates the difficult questions. Basically, I didn’t want to know the answer and most of the time was not confident in myself to deal with whatever answer I got!

    I lost so many candidates at offer stage because I didn’t know all the information I needed, because I didn’t ask. So how could I expect to close any offers.

    I worked out quickly that I needed to force myself to ask those difficult questions, the ones that I know I will not like the answer but are essential to uncover to get the deal closed. I then needed to learn how to overcome the objections I got

    I now enjoy seeking out and being happy when I find obstacles in a deal. They have always been there anyway and now at least I know what they are and have a good chance to overcome them.

    First step on the road to closing success is being honest with yourself, your mistakes and where your currently at, if you can do that, then the rest is easy.